Increase Operating Funding for Ontario's Museums


Meet with your MPP, ask for their support by March 19th, 2018. 

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On December 4th and 5th, the OMA Council met with Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport and MPPs and senior staff to discuss the important ways that museums can be supported as outlined in Ontario's Museums 2025: Strategic Vision and Action Plan, a plan for excellence and renewal for the province's museum sector in service of all Ontarians. 

On December 14, 2017 the OMA presented to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs as part of the 2018 pre-budget consultation process. The presentation emphasized the importance of museums in their fundamental role of strengthening dynamic communities and building a prosperous knowledge-based economy.

Key Recommendation for 2018:

An increase of $5M to the Community Museum Operating Grant (CMOG) program

Member museums identified adequate and sustained funding as their #1 priority. CMOG is a principal source of funding for Ontario museums and has not been increased in 10 years. In the absence of a new funding model and revised programs as identified in the culture strategy, museums have identified an immediate need for additional operational funding, requesting an increase of $5 million for Ontario’s community museums in the 2018 Provincial Budget. This would bring the current Community Museum Operating Grant (CMOG) Program to $10 million for 2018.
The Ontario Culture Strategy Goal 2: Strengthen Culture in Communities calls for "the review and update [of] provincial funding programs for community museums and heritage organizations to build capacity, strengthen leadership and support more diverse organizations". The OMA will work with members to actively engage and collaborate in this review process.


Ask your local MPP to support the request for increased funding.  While not all Ontario Museums receive CMOG funding, it is an important first step towards "the review and update [of] provincial funding programs for community museums and heritage organizations to build capacity, strengthen leadership and support more diverse organizations" called for in the  The Ontario Culture Strategy Goal 2: Strengthen Culture in Communities. 

This is an important sector-wide issue where we can show the impact and strength of the over 700 museums 9 000 museum professionals across Ontario. 

What can you do?  Act soon for Budget 2018! 

1. Write to your MPP or provincial Minister(s) asking for their support. 

Use our template or create your own to ask your local MPP to support this request for funding. 

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2. Set up a meeting with your local MPP to discuss the importance of increased and stable operating funding for museums. 

The OMA is happy to provide support materials to help you present a unified message.

Here are key messages and the request for increased funding. 

Here are some tips and etiquette for meeting with MPPs. Please contact us at for any other suggestions, tips, and support. 

3. Show your support for this increase on social media by using the hashtag #MuseumsConnectON and tagging your local MPP or relevant Ministers. 

Make some noise! Be heard! #MuseumsConnectON #MuseumSelfieDay: January 17th, 2018

The OMA launched a social media campaign, #MuseumsConnectON, to demonstrate support for the request for increased funding. Your participation in #MuseumsConnectON will help us to spread the message that museums connect on many levels, from the future to green initiatives, from jobs to mental health. We’re sure we’ll also see some new ideas about what museums connect on too!  Another good hashtag to include is #ONpoli. Feel free to tag your local MPP as well (most are listed here, find your riding here.)

A few examples to get your creative juices flowing:



#MuseumsConnectON education

with exciting school programs! #ONpoli

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#MuseumsConnectON telling our stories by showcasing local history! #ONpoli

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#MuseumsConnectON quality of life when they engage volunteers at all ages and stages! #ONpoli

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On #MuseumSelfieDay (Jan 17th), fill in the #MuseumsConnectON poster, and take your selfie to show what you think museums connect on.

Add words, photos, drawing, etc. Get creative!



4. Engage your local museum community to show support for your museums' programs. Encourage them to share what museums connect on, using #MuseumsConnectON on social media.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the different ways you think Museums Connect. 


Key messages for elected officials and policy advisors:

  • Ontario museums contribute to the vitality of Ontario's economy and the quality of life of communities across the province. 
  • Museums contribute to cultural tourism and the knowledge conomy, meaningful job creation - including youth employment, and community inclusion and engagement. 
  • Ontario museums share goals with the Ontario Culture Strategy.  Museums are central to promoting cultural engagement and inclusion, as they are with strengthening culture in communities. Museums not only  provide fuel for the creative economy, they are an important part of Ontario's tourism value proposition. To achieve our mutual goals, and respond to local community needs and provincial priorities, museums require adequate and consistent operating funding within a responsive and renewed museum funding model.
  • Adequate Ontario government funding is vital for museums to survive and thrive, for the benefit of Ontarians in communities in all corners of the province.  It is also required to respond to the last ten years of inflation, along with increased hydro costs, infrastructure maintenance, implementing green and other important initiatves and the minimum wage increase in the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act.
  • Ontario's MPPs must support the increase to the Community Museum Operating Grant (CMOG) in the 2018 Provincial Budget to ensure the continued and important contributions of Ontario's Museums in communities in all corners of the province. 

For any questions or comments, please contact Michela Comparey at or by phone at: 416-348-8672