Ontario's museums play a fundamental role in strengthening dynamic communities and a prosperous knowledge-based economy. Museums enhance public value for Ontarians. By compiling evidence generated by OMA Members, Heritage and Museum Sector stakeholders, supporters, and our many audiences and visitors, we will be able to better share our stories, our hopes, and our needs with politicans and the public.

Together we can make sure museum voices are heard!

Ways to participate:

  • Click here to download the template, add what you think Museums Connect ON and share it on social media using the hashtag #MuseumsConnectON! You can print it out and write on it or add your own photos. Show your creativity! 
  • #MuseumSelfieDay: Take a selfie at your favourite museum on January 17th and share what your #MuseumsConnectON!
  • Email or write to your local MPP in your riding (find your electoral district HERE. For the CBC Riding Finder map, click HERE) to let them know how you think Museums Connect Ontario and why you support increased and sustained funding for community museums.  Click HERE for letter templates that you can adapt, share, and send by mail or email. 



A picture speaks a thousand words.  To engage the museum community in communicating and demonstrating our value to the public and government, our goal is to accumulate and share a great number of images, letters, tweets, facebook posts, and more. By participating in #MuseumsConnectON, you will help us have a greater collective impact to: 

  • Build a body of evidence to share and use to support the messages and actions outlined in Ontario's Museums 2025 Strategic Vision and Action Plan
  • Demonstrate the value of museums to all Ontarians, politicians, and government at all levels
  • Showcase the potential of what more museums can achieve with increased, sustained funding
  • Engage OMA members (and the public) in supporting each other within the Culture and Heritage Sector


Goals of Ontario's Museums 2025 Stategic Vision and Action Plan


How do we reach the goals of Ontario's Museums 2025? 

Renew the current museum funding model and recommend a new funding strategy. We recommend:

  • Increased and sustained Ontario government investment, allowing museums to thrive, contributing to jobs and the economy 
  • Responsiveness to the changing nature of Ontario and museum operations and capital needs
  • Transparency in decision-making on funding
  • Enhanced accountability in decision-making and reporting
  • Stability and consistency in funding and program criteria
  • Alignment with municipalities
  • Strong provincial leadership to better leverage investments in education, municipalities and tourism

Develop a province-wide coordinated approach to collecting and unsure collections represent the diversity of Ontario. We recommend an approach for all collections that:

  • Creates efficiencies and maximizes resources through new partnerships & collaboration
  • Recognizes the diversity of Ontario and reflects changing demographics
  • Ensures collections speak to the lived experiences and creative aspirations of all Ontarians
  • Maximizes impact through improved public access & engagement
  • Optimizes efforts through technology & digitization

Develop shared spaces, shared delivery and  shared resource models within the framework of community hubs. We recommend that the potential and unique contribution of museums be recognized in the development of community hubs to ensure:

  • Increased collaborations and partnerships
  • Greater access for citizens, fostering community engagement