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Start Date: CMS: Care of Collections 2022-2023

This course is the second of two courses on the subject of preventive conservation. Participants will acquire the principles and techniques needed to prevent damage to artifacts during storage, display, handling, packing, and shipping. Differentiation between preventive conservation and treatment conservation will be examined, with practical suggestions for dealing with damaged artifacts provided. Core topics: Preventive Conservation/Treatment Conservation/Restoration; safe storage methods; disaster planning; handling collections; safe exhibition methods; packing & shipping artifacts; stable and unstable materials for exhibits and storage; conservation resources; how to hire a conservator; role of the conservator vs. the non-conservator when caring for collections; basic cleaning of paper, textiles, ceramics, wood, glass, leather, fire detection and prevention.
Course dates: January 16 - April 2, 2023
Course format: Online
Course director: Carmen Li
Registration opens: November 10, 2022
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Jan 16, 2023


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