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Post-Conference Study Tour: The Dundas Experience

“The Dundas Experience” will explore how Dundas Museum and Archives has adapted to better serve and reflect the community in which it is situated. Participants will explore the unique challenges faced by the community of Dundas as a former town which was amalgamated with Hamilton in 2000. The study tour will specifically highlight the significance of Black history in Dundas through the walking tour and guest lectures. Staff presentations and behind-the-scenes tours will provide insight into exhibition research and development, public programming, collections management, and community partnerships. Key Themes: Community Resilience; Institutional Adaptability and Versatility; Black History Target Audience: Museum, culture, and tourism professionals involved in public programming, exhibition development, community partnerships, and collections management. Will appeal particularly to those working for small community organizations and institutions. Please note: participants will gather in the lobby of the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel (116 King Street West, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4V3) at 9:00am. The tour will depart at 9:30am sharp and is scheduled to return to the Sheraton Hotel at 5:00pm but exact timing is subject to change. Please plan accordingly. Itinerary 9:00am: Participants gather at Sheraton Hotel entrance 9:30am: Study tour bus departs from the Sheraton Hotel 9:45-10:30am: Meet at Dundas Museums and Archives - Deposit bags - Coffee and light snacks - Staff introductions and itinerary review 10:30am-12:30pm: “Black History in Dundas” Walking Tour - Led by Anna Patterson (Education, Events, and Volunteer Coordinator at Dundas Museum and Archives) - Visit approximately 11 sites significant to Black history in Dundas 12:30-1:30pm: Lunch at Collins Brewhouse 1:30-4:00pm: Presentations and Tour at Dundas Museum and Archives - Guest speakers Nerene Virgin and Alan Smith (Cabinda Consulting) on Black History in Dundas - Staff presentations of exhibition development, collections management, public and school programming - Behind-the-scenes tour of vault storage area 4:00pm: Explore the Town! - Free time to enjoy the quaint community - Possible options: shopping at small shops/businesses, visit Carnegie Gallery, getting coffee, walking through the Cross-Melville District Heritage Conservation District - Note: This activity is optional. Any participants who choose to stay after 4:30pm will be responsible for their own transportation. 4:30pm: Study tour departs from Dundas Museum and Archives 5:00pm: Study tour arrives at Sheraton Hotel Speaker Information Anna Patterson – Education, Events, and Volunteer Coordinator, Dundas Museum and Archives: Anna Patterson is the Education, Events, and Volunteer Coordinator at Dundas Museum and Archives. She has spent the last 8 years focusing her museum career on telling historic stories in engaging, unique, and memorable ways, including at Guelph Museums. In 2019, Anna presented "Finding Hazel: Tragedy, Community, and Education" at the Ontario Museum Association Conference and was honoured to accept on behalf of Dundas Museum and Archives the Award of Excellence for Programs for the project "Finding Hazel". Kevin Puddister – Curator and General Manager, Dundas Museum and Archives: Kevin Puddister has nearly 15 years of experience in the museum field, including seminal time spent at Black Creek Pioneer Village and Waterloo Region Museum early in his career. As Curator and General Manager of the Dundas Museum and Archives for the past 9 years, he has led a talented and award-winning team that is engaged in making the community museum more welcoming, inclusive and accessible. Severine Craig – Collections Manager and Assistant General Manager, Dundas Museum and Archives: Severine Craig is the Collections Manager and Assistant General Manger at the Dundas Museum and Archives. She has worked in the museum field for 16 years, previously at the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa and the Penn Museum in Philadelphia. Austin Strutt – Exhibitions Coordinator, Dundas Museum and Archives: Austin Strutt is the Exhibitions Coordinator at the Dundas Museum and Archives. Born and raised in Hamilton, he has always loved history and earned his B.A. in that subject at McMaster University. Since 2018, he has organized, researched, and designed ten feature exhibitions on varying aspects of local history and culture. He also curates the Museum's contemporary art show program and 'Community Curator' special exhibition series. Nerene Virgin and Alan Smith – Cabinda Consulting: Alan and Nerene are instructional designers working together with teachers in both elementary and secondary schools to develop and implement strategies for embedding the history, culture, and accomplishments of Black Canadians in the everyday curricula of Hamilton students. Nerene Virgin is a television personality known for her work as an actress, journalist, host of “Eye on Toronto” at CTV, and news anchor for CBC National and International. Nerene served on the Executive Committee of the Council of the College of Early Childhood Educators and on Hamilton’s Committee Against Racism. Alan Smith is an educator and researcher who spent more than 30 years with the Hamilton Wentworth and Toronto School Boards. He is an historical researcher unearthing the stories of Black North Americans whose lives and achievements have been overlooked, understated, or misrepresented and has contributed to biographies of Black Canadians for the online Canadian Encyclopedia. Accessibility The Dundas Museum and Archives’ entrance is wheelchair accessible. A courtesy wheelchair is available in the atrium for guests’ use. More details can be found on the museum website: https://dundasmuseum.ca/about-us/accessibility/ The walking tour is approximately 40 minutes (about 3.2KM) of walking on sidewalks, paved walkways, and one short gravel trail. The route involves a gradual incline and decline through Grove Cemetery. Route may be altered due to inclement weather. Collins Brewhouse is wheelchair accessible. Please inform the OMA of your accessibility requirements as soon as possible, along with any information, questions, and concerns that you have regarding accessibility and mobility on the tour. You can reach us at 1 (866) 662 8672 or email conference@museumsontario.ca. Registration includes admission fees, lunch, and transportation to and from the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel. All study tours are subject to change and cancellation. If the register button does not appear, please contact the OMA to add your name to the waiting list: 1 (866) 662 8672 or email conference@museumsontario.ca.

Dundas, ON

Nov 08, 2022


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