Identifing an artifact

Hello everyone, My name is Stephanie Desjardins and I am currently a second year student in the Applied Museum Studies program at Algonquin college. Terry Quinlan assigned me a silver artifact for my conservation class and I am uncertain as to what it is. The institution labeled it as an 'egg tray' but it doesn't fit the characteristic of an egg tray or frame. I have also done more outside research but doesn't seem to fit any of the descriptions of objects I thought it could be. The artifact is electroplated silver. It is mainly a dish in the shape of a croissant with two circular shapes found on the back which are held up with two support beams. And a handle is found on the base of the dish that connects with the circles. Sorry for the short description. I can't seem to upload a picture or copy and paste one in of the artifact. If you have any idea of what this artifact is, could you kindly email me at as well as provide scholarly sources to confirm your identification. Thanks, Stephanie