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With thanks to the museum sector for their contributions, some highlights from the Museum Impact Survey were presented at the OMA Annual Conference 2019 in Brantford on October 23rd.

We learned even more about the wide variety of the work Ontario’s museums do and what impacts they have in their communities.
Some highlighted statistics:

  • 96% of museums describe themselves as a community museum
  • 70% of reported collections include Indigenous objects
  • 17 non-official languages are represented in museum content
  • 60% of respondents have at least one building more than 100 years old

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Watch the webcast of the presentation HERE.

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Click here to complete the Museum Impact SurveyClick here to read the Survey questions as a PDF file

Why this survey now?

With your institution’s current information, we will be able to make a stronger case for support of museums by governments and funders. With changes across all levels of government, now is a vital time for collective action. 

Museums must better demonstrate the impact of our sector on key priorities of current governments for more effective advocacy, including the E’s;  Education, Employment, and Economic Development. From these data we will develop our key messages and compelling stories to influence policy and renewed funding.

The data collected will be confidential, and will only be reported in an anonymous and aggregated form. The survey results will be shared widely, and will provide benchmarking potential and advocacy resources for individual institutions.

Click here for additional informationClick here for a definition of collections Click here for a Glossary of Financial Terms

Complete the Museum Impact Survey by January 31, 2019 in order to inform the OMA's Pre-Budget Submission!


Congratulations and thank you to our winners:

  • $500 Apple Store Gift Card- Peterborough Museum & Archives
  • One full year OMA Institutional membership-  Niagara Historical Society & Museum
  • One Full Registration for the OMA Conference in Brantford, October 2019- The Grimsby Museum
  • One Pre-Conference Study Tour Registration for the OMA Conference in Brantford-  The Canadian Clock Museum
  • One $250 Apple Store Gift Card- Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
  • One full year OMA Institutional membership- City of Waterloo Museum
  • One Full Registration for the OMA Conference in Brantford, October 23-25, 2019- Community Waterfront Heritage Centre

How was this survey developed?

After witnessing the success of advocacy efforts in the library sector over time, the OMA Council began work with consultant Stephen Abram in May 2018. As mentioned in Mr. Abram’s keynote at the OMA Conference on October 26, 2018, this survey is an essential step to achieving the goals set out in Ontario’s Museums 2025: Strategic Vision & Action Plan: Relevant & Meaningful Collections; Vibrant & Vital Museums; an Effective & Collaborative Workforce; and a Strong & Successful Sector. 

This Survey was developed in partnership with Mr. Abram, OMA Staff, and the OMA Council, and was informed by previous and upcoming survey efforts by the OMA and other organizations. This Survey will serve to update the OMA's Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile, and submissions can be retained by respondents for the upcoming Government of Canada Survey of Heritage Institutions in 2019. 


How do I complete the survey?

Please take a moment to settle in with materials to assist you, such as staffing information and your latest annual report on your organization's operations, including financials.

You can read the survey questions and collect the information needed with a blank form (PDF) here.

When you are ready, you may enter the Museum Impact Survey here.