Museum Planning for Ontario Museums

Thursday, October 18, 3:15 to 4:30 pm


Barry Lord, Co-President and Maria Piacente, VP Exhibitions, Lord Cultural Resources

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Barry Lord
Barry Lord, Co-President, Lord Cultural Resources


Session Description:

As museums take on more complex roles in their communities and the number of museum stakeholders increases to include a greater array of people, effective museum planning is more important than ever. Barry Lord and Maria Piacente will present the highlights of the third edition of the Manual of Museum Planning: Sustainable Space, Facilities and Operations edited by Barry Lord, Gail Lord and Lindsay Martin, including a contribution on planning for exhibitions by Maria Piacente. The session will cover the broad range of topics vis-à-vis museum planning including, but not limited to: strategic planning, feasibility studies, facility planning, visitor experience, collections management, collections care, preventive conservation, and museum operations. 


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