Risks of Expanding the Museum Demographic

Friday, October 19 - 2:15 to 3:30pm


Lyne Erwin, Managing Director, Marsh Canada Limited and Amanda Conlon, Associate Director, London Children’s Museum

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  Lyne Erwin  
  Lyne Erwin, Managing Director, Marsh Canada Limited   


Session Description

As with most businesses, museums and galleries are always looking for ways to increase revenue. By expanding their demographic to attract more youths and families, most museums can effectively generate increased attendance. This can help to balance against the effects of an economic slowdown, regardless of museum size. However, with the expanded demographic comes additional risks. What policies and procedures does your museum have in place to protect youths while they are hosting educational programs and other activities that involve children when they are on your premises? In addition to providing the museums with tools on how to assess risk exposures and protect the organization and its collections.

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