#GOEMP - The Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals

Are you an Emerging Museum Professional (EMP)? If you are in the first ten years of your museum career in Ontario, then the Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals (GOEMP) is for you.

GOEMP is represented by the GOEMP Committee, who act as a voice and a resource for the GOEMP community by providing programming, communications, and resources both digitally and in-person, thereby fostering a supportive and professional network among Ontario’s EMPs. As of December 2016, the Committee is made up by 1 Chair, 1 Vice-Chair, 2 Programs & Conference Co-Chairs, 1 Communications Chair, 1 Secretary, and 4 Members At Large who live and work in many different regions across Ontario.

GOEMP started in 2013 as an initiative of the Ontario Museum Association (OMA) and since then, it has organized many enriching opportunities such as networking events and conference activities for EMPs. It will continue to grow and develop new ways to foster Ontario's EMP community into the future.

You can learn more about GOEMP's initiatives and connection to the OMA by visiting its website: https://goemp.wordpress.com/