Backus-Page House Museum

Set against the backdrop of Lake Erie's beautiful shoreline, the Backus Page-House is a living history museum, re-creating life in the Talbot Settlement during the middle of the 1800s. The completely restored Georgian style house is home to a growing collection of unique period artifacts that portray the nature of the settler's life in the 19th century. Step through the kitchen door and step back in time where costumed interpreters welcome you to the year 1850. Visit the Backus Page House Museum and the John E. Pearce Provincial Park in the Heart of the Talbot Settlement to discover an exciting era of change in Canadian history.


Type: Community Museum | Historic Building

Log Cabin Quilt

Log Cabin Quilt

Chosen by Canada 150 Coordinator Delany Leitch as a symbol of our rural history and culture which can also be found across Canada over the past...