Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum

Imagine a wheel of cheese weighing 7300 pounds! The Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum shares this story from 1866 along with other interesting tales about the Town of Ingersoll.

First settled in 1793 by Thomas Ingersoll, the father of Laura Secord, the village of Oxford-on-the Thames continued to grow. Over the last 200 years, the Town of Ingersoll has been a destination for runaway slaves on the Underground Railway, and home to such notables as world-famous evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, the world champion husband and wife racing team of Harold & Lorna Wilson, and internationally renowned wood carver Wilson Johnston.

This multiple award-winning museum brings these stories and others to life through displays and demonstrations in seven different buildings on site. Group tours, educational programs, workshops, special events and hands-on activities are offered throughout the year.

This is also the home location of the Oxford County Museum School and the Ingersoll Sports Hall of Fame, and Canada's only Cheese themed playground!


Type: Specialized Collection | Community Museum

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