Taras Shevchenko Museum

The Shevchenko Museum was founded by the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, for the purpose of popularizing the life and work of the Bard of Ukraine, and the contribution of Canadians of Ukrainian descent to the social, economic and cultural life of Canada. The Museum exhibits are dedicated to the art, life and literary legacy of the founder of the modern Ukrainian language Taras Shevchenko, who has twice been celebrated as a cultural leader of world acclaim by UNESCO.

Website: www.infoukes.com/shevchenkomuseum

Type: Art Museum / Gallery | Ethnically Specific Museum

Statue of Taras Shevchenko

Statue of Taras Shevchenko

Lyudmyla Pogoryelova, Director of the Taras Shevchenko Museum, has selected the head of a statue of Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko (...