Toronto's First Post Office

Operated by the Town of York Historical Society, Toronto's First Post Office is a museum, National Historic Site, and an authorized full-service dealer for Canada Post.

Erected in 1833 by James Scott Howard, then Postmaster of York, this Georgian brick building first served him as both post office and personal residence. When the city incorporated as Toronto in 1834 it was home to about 9,000 people, all of whose mail was delivered to the “Duke Street” post office.

Today, Toronto’s First Post Office serves a vibrant and multicultural community. As a museum, it tells the story of the early colonial postal system, of Toronto’s first Postmaster, and of the rebellion that played a significant role in his life. Visitors to Toronto’s First Post Office can write letters with a quill pen and seal them with wax, just as visitors to the Post Office did in the 1830s.



Type: Historic Building | Community Museum