Past Award Recipients


          Award Recipients

  • Marty Brent Manager (Retired), Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (Distinguished Career Award of Excellence
  • Bill Jeffery, Volunteer, Textile Museum of Canada (Volunteer Service Award of Excellence)
  • Brockville Museum, Travel Trunk: Unpacking Brockville's Cultural Stories (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions)
  • Craigleith Heritage Depot, REEL History & VR Films: The Mary Ward and Pathway (Award of Excellence in Special Projects)
  • Dundas Museum and Archives, Finding Hazel (Award of Excellence in Programs)
  • Khadija Aziz, Community Voices, Textile Museum of Canada (Award of Excellence in Community Engagement)

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Group photo of award recipients holding their certificates and award statuettes

  • Rona Rustige, Curator, Glanmore National Historic Site (Distinguished Career Award of Excellence)
  • Gracia Dyer Jalea, Founding Executive Director, Toronto Ward Museum (Promising Leadership Award of Excellence)
  • Warren Stauch, Volunteer, Waterloo Region Museums (Volunteer Service Award of Excellence)
  • Waterloo Region Museum, "Trailblazing: Women in Canada since 1867" (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions)
  • Markham Museum, "Geared for Growing" (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions - Honourable Mention)
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum, "Canada Science and Technology Museum Renewal" (Award of Excellence in Special Projects)
  • Halton Region Heritage Services, "Partners in Time" (Award of Excellence in Programs)
  • John Summers, "Creating Exhibits That Engage: A Manual for Museums and Historical Organizations" (Award of Excellence in Publications)

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  • Lisa Terech, Community Engagement Coordinator, Oshawa Museum (Promising Leadership)
  • Senta Ross, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (Volunteer Service, WOW Distinction)
  • Museums and Heritage Services, City of Toronto, "Beatles 50 T.O. featuring When the Beatles Rocked Toronto: Metropolitan Life & Music in the Mid-60s" (Awards of Excellence in Special Projects)
  • Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum, "Escape the Diefenbunker" (Award of Excellence in Programs)
  • Archives of Ontario, "Family Ties: Ontario Turns 150" (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions)
  • Waterloo Region Museum, "City on Edge" (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions- Honourable Mention)
  • Atikokan Centennial Museum, "Revealing the Regalia: Honouring Anishinaabe culture through dance"  (Award of Excellence in Community Engagement)

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  • Mark Badham, Curator, Miller Museum of Geology, Queens University (Distinguished Career)
  • Kathryn Jamieson, Curator Director, Goulbourn Museum (Promising Leadership)
  • Gilbert Rice, Grey Roots Museum (Volunteer Service)
  • Tania Gilchrist, Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre (Volunteer Service - Honourable Mention)
  • Guelph Museums, "In Flanders Fields at 100: Time to Remember" (Awards of Excellence in Special Projects, WOW Distinction)
  • Niagara Falls Museums and Chiefswood NHS, "Discovering Kaná:ta: Exploring the Culture and History of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations)" (Award of Excellence in Programs)
  • St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre, "The Travelling Museum" (Award of Excellence in Programs - Honourable Mention)
  • Black Creek Pioneer Village, "Breaking the Silence: Stories of the British Home Children, 1869-1948" (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions)
  • Britt Welter-Nolan, Myseum Intersections (Award of Excellence in Community Engagement)

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  • Cathy Blackbourn, Instructor, Museum Studies, University of Toronto (Distinguished Career)
  • The Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum, Conflict Resolution Workshops (Award of Excellence in Programs, WOW Dinstinction)
  • Archives of Ontario Dear Sadie Exhibit Team, "Dear Sadie: Love, Lives and Remembrance from Ontario's First World War" (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions)
  • Barry Lord and Maria Piacente, Co-editors, "The Manual of Museum Exhibitions, 2nd Edition" (Award of Excellence in Publications)
  • Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives, Sikh Heritage Month at PAMA, April 2015 (Award of Excellence in Community Engagement)

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Representatives of the Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archives receive their award






Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives - Community Engagement





  • Dr. Shanna Dunlop, Curator, Fanshawe Pioneer Village (Promising Leadership)
  • Janet Cobban, Curator, John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area (Distinguished Career)
  • St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre, the "aMuse" event series (Award of Excellence in Community Engagement)
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum, "The Summer Institute for Elementary Teachers" (Award of Excellence in Programs)
  • Niagara Falls History Museum "[No] Vacancy: Honeymoon Suites or By-the-Week, Motel Culture in Niagara" (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions)
  • TIFF "David Cronenberg: Evolution", "David Cronenberg Virtual Exhibition", and "Body/Mind/Change" (Award of Excellence in Special Projects)
  • Sioux Lookout Community Museum "Sioux Lookout Community Museum’s Mobile App" (Award of Excellence in Publications)

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  • Laura Gibbs (Promising Leadership)
  • Aneesh Murali Mohan (Promising Leadership - Honorable Mention)
  • Ruth Freeman (Distinguished Career)
  • Raphael Yu (Museum Benefactor)
  • The Bata Shoe Museum “Roger Vivier: Process to Perfection” (Award of Excellence in Publications)
  • George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art “Transformation by Fire: Women Overcoming Violence Through Clay” (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions)
  • Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and the City of Toronto Museum Service “Outcome of the War of 1812: First Nations Betrayed” (Award of Excellence in Community Engagement)
  • Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives “Interactive Map of Peel” (Award of Excellence in Special Projects)
  • Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) “TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace” (Award of Excellence in Programs)
  • The W. Garfield Weston Foundation (Museum Benefactor – Organization)

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Ruth Freeman - Distinguished Career







Ruth Freeman - Distinguished Career



  • Brian Malcolm (Distinguished Career)
  • Katrina Urban (Promising Leadership)
  • Canadian War Museum “1812 Exhibition Project” (Award of Excellence in Exhibitions)
  • Canadian War Museum “The Human Library” (Award of Excellence in Community Engagement)
  • Halton Region Museum “Jeff’s Home” (Award of Excellence in Programs)
  • Jean-Bernard Caron – Royal Ontario Museum “Burgess Shale Virtual Museum”(Award of Excellence in Publications)
  • Lake of the Woods Museum “Lake of the Woods Museum Mobile Tour” (Award of Excellence in Special Projects)

 Brian Malcolm - Distinguished Career





Brian Malcolm - Distinguished Career





  • Bev Dietrich (Lifetime Achievement)
  • Corporation of the City of Peterborough “Peterborough Museum & Archives Partnership with the Arts and Heritage Programs of Fleming College” (Award of Excellence in Corporate Service)
  • Haldimand Museum “Haldimand Museums Educational Resources – WWI”
  • The National Gallery of Canada and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art “(NGC@MOCCA)”

2011 Award Recipients

2011 Award Recipients





  • Dave Benson (Lifetime Achievement)
  • Allan Symons (Lifetime Achievement)
  • Adele Espina “For King and County: Solders of the Haliburton Highlands” Grey Roots Museum and Archives “The Good People: Know Our Stories, Know Us”
  • Museums of Mississauga "Benares DVD Project"
  • Ottawa Museum Network “Enhancing Conservation Standard”

Dave Benson - Lifetime Achievement Award

Dave Benson - Lifetime Achievement Award



  • Daniel O’Brien (Lifetime Achievement)
  • Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, Southampton “Wizardry & Wonders”
  • Council of Heritage Organizations in Ottawa “This Week in Heritage / Patrimoine Hebdomadaire”
  • Friends of Joseph Schneider Haus, Kitchener “This Old Haus: A Place in Time”(Award of Excellence in Publications)
  • The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Museum “Arresting Images: Mug Shots from the OPP Museum”

 Daniel O’Brien - Lifetime Achievement Award                                                                                                                                                                                             

Daniel O’Brien - Lifetime Achievement Award





  • Bill Yeager
  • Bytown Museum “Multilingual Audio Tour”
  • Friends of the Museums of Mississauga and the Museums of Mississauga “The Log Cabin at Bradley Museum”
  • Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority “Balls Falls Centre for Conservation”(Award of Excellence in Corporate Contribution)
  • Textile Museum of Canada (Award of Excellence in Collection Digitization and Online Program Development)
  • Upper Canada Village, Jordan Heritage Resources, Tactile Vision Inc. “The Museum Access Pilot Project”   





  • Grey Roots Museum and Archives “L’Chaim – To Life: The Story of the Beth Ezekiel Synagogue” (Outstanding Contribution to the Ontario Museum Community)
  • The Town of St. Mary’s Museum (Outstanding Contribution to the Ontario Museum Community)
  • Wellington County Museum and Archives “If These Walls Could Speak: The Wellington County House of Industry and Refuge 1877-1947” (Outstanding Contribution to the Ontario Museum Community)




  • Community of Ottawa “Museum Sustainability Plan”
  • Heritage Sarnia-Lambton “DVD Project – ‘Sarnia-Lambton: Just Passing Through’”
  • Museum on the Boyne “A Japanese Kimono Exhibit”
  • Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Museum “The OPP’s Best Friend – Celebrating 40 Years of the OPP’s Canine Unit”
  • Veterans’ Green Project Committee – Heritage Resources, City of Waterloo “Veteran’s Green Project”




  • Dr. M. Christine Castle




  • Marilynn Havelka
  • Gayle McIntyre
  • Kathryn Pankowski
  • Chatham-Kent Museum “The Sulman Mummy” Project (Award of Merit in Research)
  • Lanark County Museums Association “The Travelling Exhibition Project” (Award of Merit in Exhibitions)
  • Parkdale Collegiate Institute (Diane Sullivan) “The Legacy of High Park Oral History Project” (Award of Merit in Programming)
  • Strong Voice for Heritage Coalition, Ottawa (Award of Merit for their 2004 Advocacy Work)




  • Bonita Johnson-deMatteis
  • Katrina Pyke
  • Stephanie McMullen“Great County Black Veterans’ Memorial Book” (Award of Merit in Research and Writing)
  • Doon Heritage Crossroads, City of Waterloo “The History of Seagram Plant in Waterloo” (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)
  • Guelph Museums (Bev Dietrich and Kathleen Wall) “Growing Up in Guelph”(Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)
  • Grey County Museum “From Slavery to Freedom: African-Canadians in Grey County” (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)
  • Red Lake Museum “Red Lake Heritage Centre” (Award of Merit in Fund Raising)

Katrina Pyke - Award Recipient

Katrina Pyke - Award Recipient




  • Dawn Roach Bowen
  • Gail Dexter Lord & Barry Lord
  • London Regional Children's Museum "Reach for the Stars" (Award of Merit in Museum Management)
  • Oshawa Community Museum and Archives "Lakefront Memories: A Memory Book Project" (Award of Merit in Programming)
  • Royal Botanical Gardens "Colour Comes Alive!" (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)
  • Royal Ontario Museum "Regional Museum Program" (Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in the Museum Field in Ontario)
  • Wellington County Museum and Archives "Far From Home : A Soldier's Live of the Front" (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)




  • Charles Doubrough (Outstanding Volunteer)
  • James Hunter (Significant Contribution to Museums During a Period of 10 or more Years)
  • Julia Matthews (Significant Contribution to Museums During a Period of 10 or more Years)
  • William Moore
  • Doon Heritage Crossroads (Award of Merit in Accessibility)
  • Guelph Museums "Rogers @ Home: Growing up in Guelph Children's Museum" (Award of Merit in Programming)
  • Agnes Etherington Art Centre "Museopathy Project"
  • Guelph Museum, Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives, Welland Historical Museum, & West Parry Sound District Museum (Travelling Exhibit Partnership Program Outstanding Achievement)




  • Elise Harding-Davis
  • Barbara Ribey (Significant Contribution to Museums During a Period of 10 or more Years)
  • Sharron Skevington (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)
  • Carol Sprachman
  • Timmins Museum N.E.C., Timmins Underground Gold Mine Tour, Tourism Timmins, and Ivey-League Consulting Services "City of Timmins CD-ROM Collective" (Award of Merit in Research, Writing, Electronics, & Publication)




  • Margaret Anderson-Herrmann (Outstanding Volunteer)
  • Janet Chessell (Significant Contribution to Museums During a Period of 10 or more Years)
  • Henry Taylor
  • Hamilton Military Museum & the Nelson High School History Department "Reflections of a Darker Time" (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)
  • Peel Heritage Complex - Literacy Project Team "I Do, I Do: An Exploration of Wedding Traditions in Peel 1850-1999" (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)




  • Jane Foster
  • Susan Jefferies (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)
  • Tom Reitz (Outstanding Volunteer)
  • Dianne Wolfe




  • Ellen Langlands
  • John Jennings
  • Lorraine O'Byrne
  • St. Catharines Museum "Following the North Star" (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)




  • Mackenzie Heritage Printery Advisory Committee (Award of Merit in Volunteer Groups)
  • Peterborough Discovery Team (Award of Merit in Programming & Interpretation)
  • South Simcoe Pioneer Museum Committee (Award of Merit in Fund Raising)
  • Waterloo Regional Curatorial Centre (Award of Merit in Collections Management)




  • Lynne Teather
  • Pat Zimmer
  • Dundurn Castle Archaeology Project




  • Helen Knibb
  • Margaret May




  • Jon Barlow
  • Ken Doherty
  • Tom Hill
  • Peter Styrmo




  • Clause Breede
  • John Carter




  • Helen Hutchison
  • David Newlands




  • Carol Johnston
  • Joan Johnston




  • Susan Burke




  • Anne Heideman




  • Tom Brown




  • Elliot Avedon
  • Margaret Machell
  • Margaret MacKelvie
  • Art Gallery of Ontario (Adult Programs Department)




  • Russell K. Cooper
  • Pauline Hall
  • Henry Hodges
  • Jeanne Hughes
  • Florence Martin


  • Dorothy Duncan
  • Ken McLaughlin
  • Thelma Miles