Envisioning a Future Museum Community: The Town of Markham Experience

Thurday, October 7 - 10:30 to 11:45am


Dr. Helene Moussa, Curator, St. Mark's Coptic Museum; John Ryerson, Director of Culture, Town of Markham

Markham is an interurban city that is still rapidly growing, changing its built form from 10% high rise to approx 50% in the next 20 years. There is significant  opportunity for  building greater community capacity, integration of culture and in particular Markham museums into goals of social equity, cultural vibrancy, high quality of life  and strengthening life long learning combined with financial and environmental goals. 

An example of Markham's cultural integration is the planned Coptic-Canadian Village, a twelve acre plot of land located in Markham on Steeles Avenue just west of Warden.  The village is a multifaceted complex spearheaded by St. Mark’s Coptic Church, and one of the buildings in this complex will be the new home of St. Mark’s Coptic Museum. 

Learn about the vision for the Coptic Museum and planned programs that will offer Canadians and other visitors a cultural experience of two thousand and twenty years of Coptic-Egyptian art history – including the Canadian experience, in a culturally vibrant and rapidly evolving community.

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