A Collaborative Approach to Engaging Children in the Heritage Sector


Katrina Urban, Education & Community Relations Officer, Museum of Ontario Archaeology; Kerrie Gill, Education Officer, Woodstock Museum National Historic Site; Lana Pharoah, Education Manager, Fanshawe Pioneer Village; Jeff Brown, Education Day Coordinator, The Canadian Military Heritage Society

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Yasmine Mingay
Yasmine Mingay introduces presenters.
Kerrie Gill and Katie Urban
Kerrie Gill and Katie Urban.
Object-based learning presentation
Object-based learning presentation artefacts.
Kerrie Gill
Kerrie Gill demonstrates object-based learning.

Session Description

This presentation will describe the impact that London Museum School and the Canadian Military Heritage Society’s World War I Education program has on both children and museums and will highlight how community organizations can successfully work together to develop and sustain authentic learning programs that introduces children to our rich cultural heritage.  The presentation will focus on the successes and challenges for museums and community partner groups during the initial development stages of implementing an education program.  The presentation will provide participants with strategies on developing their own community partner programs similar to the World War I Education Day and Museum School Collaborative for their museums.  Daily journaling is a key component of the Museum School program. This presentation will also introduce various journaling strategies and include an interactive component on Object-Based Learning. Participants will be provided with journals for this hands-on component to the presentation.

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