Publishing 101 for Small Museums

Thursday, November 3 - 12:45 to 2:00pm


Miriam Adams, Co-founder/Director, Dance Collection Danse; Amy Bowring, Director of Research, Dance Collection Danse

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Amy Bowring and Miriam Adams
Amy Bowring, left, and Miriam Adams discuss the benefits of publishing in-house.

Session Description

This tutorial will take OMA members through the publishing process from proposal to printing, covering the necessary steps in publishing a book including: timeline, budgeting, working with authors, editing, copy editing, design and layout, proofing, photo research and permissions, printing processes and bindings, delegation of tasks, potential funding sources, pitfalls and troubleshooting, marketing and sales. This tutorial aims to demystify the publishing process and provide museum workers with tools for embarking on their own publishing projects while also navigating around the issues that can arise.

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