UNESCO and National Built Heritage Museums: Communicating the Past to the Future

Friday, October 19 - 10:45am to 12:00pm


Peter Berton, Partner-in-charge, +VG Architects; Stephen Petri, Principal, Reich + Petch Design International; Paul Sapounzi, Partner-in-charge, +VG Architects

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Peter Berton, Partner-in-charge, +VG Architects and Stephen Petri, Principal, Reich + Petch Design Internation


Session Description

Designated Heritage Museums provide the environment to engage, attract, and retain visitors, and to help generate revenue for long-term operations and programming. Developing museums, through new construction or adaptive reuse, is a tool to achieve Heritage Policy objectives, which entails, "fostering public understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment or heritage sites in ways that ensures commemorative integrity of these places for present and future generations" (Parks Canada). OMA conference attendees will learn about some of our recent museum experience, including the new Fort Henry Discovery Center, located on the UNESCO designated Rideau Canal, the Markham Museum and the Guelph Museum. The objective of this session is to elaborate upon successful museum or commemorative spaces on UNESCO and National Built Heritage Sites.

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