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player_Ignite Session Three: Collection on the Move

In 2010, the York-Durham Association of Museums and Archives applied to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Museum Technology Fund and was successful in their application to create a network-wide website. The project included the development of a content management system and training in the use of, and development of policies for, social media.

Between 2011-2012, YDAMA underwent the process of working with a web development company to create the website, received training on how to manage content/adjust features of the content management system and how to use social media platforms that were integrated into the website. In addition, tips and tools were explored on how to develop policies around social media applications. This Ignite session will provide the audience with the opportunity to learn about a network-wide project. This will be helpful to other museum conglomerates or museums within a region/area who might be considering a similar project. Please visit www.ydama.com to view the website!


York-Durham Association of Museums & Archives (YDAMA)The York-Durham Association of Museums & Archives (YDAMA) is a network that represents historical societies, heritage sites and museums from across York and Durham Regions. Staff sizes at these sites vary from 1 permanent staff to 10+; all sites run educational, curriculum based programs, as well as special events throughout their open seasons.  YDAMA share resources on all aspects of professional practice, policy development, approaches to government relations, advocacy, education activities, and issues affecting the volunteer sector.  Working with other cultural, education and tourism partners, YDAMA plays an important role in attracting diverse audiences to each of the member sites it represents.

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