Youth Invasion! The Epic Update of a National Youth Project

Thursday, October 18 - 10:30am to 11:45am


Lisa Terech, Visitor Experience Coordinator, Oshawa Community Museum; Devon Muhic, Youth Resource Lead, Scarborough Museum; Anna Stanisz, Assistant Curator, Education, McMichael Canadian Art Collection; Pailagi Pandya, Historical Interpreter/ Youth Lead, Scarborough Museum; Katie Epp, Museum Program Instructor/Youth Mentorship Lead, Markham Museum

Download the Markham Museum presentation materials (9.70 MB)
Download the McMichael Canadian Art Collection presentation materials (7.5 MB)
Download the Oshawa Museum Presentation materials (1.5 MB) 

Pailagi Pandya
Pailagi Pandya, Historical Interpreter/ Youth Lead, Scarborough Museum, presents as remaining panelists look on.
Youth Invasion
Lisa Terech
Lisa Terech, Visitor Experience Coordinator,Oshawa Community Museum.


Session Description

Words like paradigm shift, sea change, and transformation come to mind when youth invade our museums.

Want to get on the youth bandwagon or be part of the information sharing of this project? Get the latest buzz on the Canadian Museums and Youth Diversity Project, funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Inter-Action program. This 3 year project aims to develop sustainable youth programming that also supports the integration of newcomer youth into their communities. Find out how youth programs such as oral history projects, exhibits, and live performance, are reshaping a handful of Ontario museums, shaking up museum worker perspectives, and forging stronger community partnerships.

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