Forging Ahead: Ideas in Motion

Friday, November 8, 2013 - 12:45p.m. - 1:35p.m. 

Dynamic. Fast-paced. Student driven. Facilitated by the inaugural Emerging Museum Professionals Advisory Committee, these presentations will explore the possibilities and spur discussion of what's to come for Ontario museums.


Learn about the following presenters' experiences and their Big Ideas for the future of museums at Conference 2013!


Caitlin Hudson
Caitlin Hudson


Sarah Robinson
Sarah Robinson


Meet the Presenters:
Caitlin and Sarah are graduates of the Museum Studies program at Algonquin College. Caitlin is developing a new exhibit for the Arnprior & District Museum and Sarah is a Curatorial Assistant at Dufferin County Museum and Archives.

Shaking Things Up: Rock n’ Roll at the City of Ottawa Archives
As part of a group project at Algonquin College, Caitlin and Sarah partnered with the City of Ottawa Archives, developing “Ottawa Rocks”, an exhibit that explores the history of Rock n’ Roll in Ottawa. In the Archive's brand new clean décor, immersive environments including a grungy club and a variety of interactives were created to challenge the perception of the institution.


Lauren Williams


Meet the Presenter:
Lauren Williams is a Master of Museum Studies student at the University of Toronto.

“That’s Insane!”: Assembling an 1860s Loom on the Floor of the Science Centre
As Artifacts Intern at the Ontario Science Centre, Lauren was part of a group that assembled a loom in the collection in full View of the Centre visitors. What began as an exercise to track down more information on artifacts stored off-site became an opportunity for visitors to get a glimpse of what normally would happen “behind the scenes” and also an opportunity for staff who normally work “behind the scenes” to interact with visitors.


Nikita Johnston


Meet the Presenter:
Nikita Johnston is a graduate of the Collections Conservation & Management program at Fleming College and is currently enrolled at the University of Toronto in the Master of Information program as well as the Master of Museum Studies.

Making A Case For Conservation: Raising the Profile of the Conservation Department at the UBC Museum of Anthropology
Nikita completed a 5 month internship at the UBC Museum of Anthropology researching past examples of conservation outreach, and developing a plan to raise the profile of the Conservation Department at the UBC Museum of Anthropology.


Desiree Fuller


Meet the Presenter:
Desiree Fuller is a Master of Museum Studies Student at the University of Toronto.

Inalienable: My Summer Internship at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights
During an internship at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Desiree created resources kits meant for outreach with the local education community to engage younger audiences inconversations around human rights themes and difficult histories.


Sara Marcil-Johnson

Meet the Presenter:
Sara Marcil-Johnson is a recent graduate of the Master of Museum Studies Program conjointly run by Université de Montréal and Université du Québec à Montréal.

Japanese Gardens and the Way of Tea
As an intern at the Nitobe Memorial Japanese Garden of the University of British Columbia, Sara designed and lead interactive tours of the garden drawing from the five senses as well as a family program abstaining from technology, examining how museums can design initiatives that slow down the visitors pace.


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