Plenary Speaker: Nick Gray

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 Nick Gray
Founder and CEO, Museum Hack

Nick Gray is the founder and CEO of Museum Hack, a company of educators and actors who give renegade tours at the best museums in the world. But Gray doesn't come from an arts background, and he claims to "hate" most museums. A very special visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art unleashed a curiosity about history and art, and he began giving free tours for his friends every weekend.
Museum Hack is the business that was created out of this passion for non-traditional and high energy museum tours. Museum Hack wants to appeal to the cynics, the bored, and the apathetic. They know that a lot of people do not enjoy museums, especially millennials. So guides at Museum Hack give tours that are totally different from most museum experiences: including engaging stories, authentic performances, sassy gossip, games with prizes, wine shots, and lots and lots of photos. The tours are very popular with NYC residents and with tourists. Companies in NYC regularly hire Museum Hack to produce their company team building offsites and employee training. Gray’s mission and that of Museum Hack is to get people excited about the best Museums all around the world.



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