Preview to Ontario's Museum 2025: Looking Ahead

Webcast Recording of Preview to Ontario's Museum 2025: Looking Ahead


Session Title:

Preview to Ontario's Museum 2025: Looking Ahead



Yves Théoret (Task Force Chair & OMA President), Karen Bachmann (Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre), Clark Bernat (OMA Vice-President & Niagara Falls Museums), Marty Brent (Peel Art Gallery, Museums & Archives), Ian Kerr-Wilson (City of Hamilton), Marie Lalonde (OMA Executive Director), Cathy Molloy (Markham Museum), Michael Rickely-Lancaster (Mississippi Valley Textile Museum)


Session Description:

The Looking Ahead Task Force presents the preview of Ontario’s Museums 2025. The full preliminary report will be released on November 24, 2015. An important result of the Looking Ahead Initiative, and over a year in the making, Ontario’s Museums 2025 proposes a sector-led vision and an action plan. A first for museums in Ontario, this preliminary paper represents an important foundational step to work more collaboratively to build sector capacity, and public awareness and support for museums. A final report is expected for release in Spring 2016.
Join Task Force members as they present the vision and its four main themes.
Learn about the results of the Task Force’s work and the potential for significant impacts on the OMA. Hear about next steps -- How you can contribute in a meaningful way to the finalization of the paper.