The New Post-Secondary Gallery: Not Just for the Humanities

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The New Post-Secondary Gallery: Not Just for the Humanities



Ashley Watson (Curator, L-space, Humber College)


Session Description:

How can a new model for the college/university gallery inform flexible partnerships for the museum sector? Here, we focus on the flexibility of borders and the potential of working with/developing partnerships with non-museums. Since opening in 2012, L-space has hosted exhibitions from 90% of Humber’s academic departments plus a multitude of student groups, services, and community organizations. We have reshaped borders by redefining what our “gallery space” is. This space takes the shape of what our exhibiting groups need - such as integration with postsecondary curriculum or celebrating connections with industry partners - all through a creative and educational lens. This has meant that L-space has been an art gallery, teaching space, lab space, and most of the time - many of these things combined. Through this model we demonstrate that museum practice can transcend vocations and be used to create new common goals with various sectors and audiences.


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Presenter Biographies:

Ashley Watson Curator (L Space Gallery, Humber College)

Ashley Watson has been the Curator of Humber College’s L Space Gallery since it’s creation in November 2011. With her background in Arts Administration and Museum Studies, she brings a strong passion to develop post -secondary art education through non-traditional channels. Along with curating the L Space Gallery Ashley has also been working at growing Humber’s own fine art collection with works by many Canadian artists showcased throughout the campus.