Conference Connections 2019: FAQ's


Who can be a mentee or mentor?

If you’re an emerging professional in the museum sector (in the first ten years of your career), you should apply to be a mentee! The Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals created this program just for you, to help facilitate connections with other museum professionals.

Mentors should apply if they are willing and open to share their experiences, and are enthusiastic about supporting others who are just starting in the museum profession. We recommend that mentors have at least 5 years of museum experience.

Why should I become a mentee or mentor?

Becoming a mentee is a great way to meet experienced museum professionals that share similar passions and interests. If you want an opportunity to learn from the experiences and informed perspective of a seasoned professional, then this program is for you!

Mentors will gain exposure to new ideas and the fresh perspective of an emerging museum professional. The program provides an opportunity to hone leadership skills; to inspire growth and provide guidance to mentees. It is a great way to expand professional networks with individuals who will be forging the future of museums in Ontario.

Do I have to be an OMA member to participate in the program?

No, you do not. However, you do need to be registered for this year’s conference.

Are there any time commitments or obligations in being a mentor or mentee?

Participants are obliged to contact their Conference Connections partner prior to the OMA conference to arrange at least one meeting during the conference, beyond that it’s up to you. The program is designed to be flexible, offering mentors and mentees the opportunity to meet and network at any time during the OMA Conference.

Since it was piloted 6 years ago, the same principle applies year after year, the program is what you make it! Some mentorship pairings will be connections that will continue long after the conference and into years to come, others will be limited to the 2019 conference experience. Either outcome has value for mentors and mentees and helps to build professional networks. The program provides a great way to meet other museum professionals that share similar passions and interests, and to bring inspiration to your own career.

When do I find out when I will be paired with a mentor or mentee?

You will be contacted by email with information about your mentor/mentee at least one week before the Conference.

How will I be supported or guided through this mentorship experience?

The email sent one week before Conference will provide information regarding your mentor/mentee contact, as well as attachments like the Conference Connections guide and an EMP Conference guide. These guides will offer helpful advice regarding coordinating communications before, during and after the conference, including great ideas for conversation starters.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, contact