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  • Ontario's Museums 2025 & Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile: Highlights
    Ontario's Museums 2025 & Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile: Highlights
  • Ontario's Museums 2025 & Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile: Highlights Launch Event
    Ontario's Museums 2025 & Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile: Highlights Launch Event
  • Members of the Looking Ahead Task Force and Project Team
  • Preview presentation for Ontario's Museums 2025, Nov. 5, 2015 - Windsor, ON


Ontario’s Museums 2025: Looking Ahead 

Towards a Strategic Vision & Action Plan

The Ontario Museum Association (OMA) and the Looking Ahead Task Force are pleased to announce the launch of Ontario’s Museums 2025: Strategic Vision & Action Plan.

Ontario’s Museums 2025 seeks to reposition museums as powerhouse institutions within Ontario’s cultural sector – institutions that contribute to strong societies and economies. It recommends 16 outcomes and 10 actions, based on four overarching goals: Vibrant & Vital Museums, Relevant & Meaningful Collections, Strong & Successful Sector, and Effective & Collaborative Workforce.

A first for museums in Ontario, and a result of the Looking Ahead Initiative, Ontario’s Museums 2025 represents an important foundational step. Informed by a comprehensive two-year process that includedbroad consultation and engagement with the museum sector and stakeholders, this report presents a strong and unifying vision for renewal and excellence built on innovative ways of working and greater public relevancy for Ontario’s museums.

Ontario’s Museums 2025 asks museums to:

  • Better reflect the diversity of Ontario.
  • Contribute to the economic development of communities, regions and the province.
  • Be welcoming, innovative, and inclusive places of exchange and exploration, leading to enhanced quality of live.
  • Provide relevant meaningful collections, held in public trust for the people of Ontario and visitors to our province.
  • Strengthen partnerships with educators to provide learning experiences that better serve students and foster lifelong skill development and innovative thinking needed for the new knowledge-based economy
  • Proactively engage with the public and facilitate active participation by community members and stakeholders in strategic planning and all areas of museum activity.
  • Engage in more robust collaborations with others like cultural organizations, social service agencies, business and community groups. 
  • Operate efficiently and effectively, being accountable to all stakeholders including public funders.
  • Embrace critical and ongoing self-assessment, and evidence-based decision-making.
  • Renew the relationship with all levels of government, leading to substantive and meaningful government support of museum operations and work.

Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile: Highlights

Ontario’s Museums 2025 is complemented by the release of Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile: Highlights. Analysed by Kelly Hill of Hill Strategies Research, and summarizing survey responses from 184 museums, the Highlights document begins the important work of building compelling evidence to demonstrate museum impacts and their social and economic contributions to Ontario’s communities. It also identifies the realities of operating museums in Ontario today, and establishes a starting point from which to mark our progress as we work towards achieving Ontario’s Museums 2025.

Full Report now available: Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile

The OMA is pleased to announce the publication of Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile, prepared by Kelly Hill of Hill Strategies Research. The first sector-wide report of its kind in more than a decade, Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile details the results of a survey completed by 184 museums for the fiscal year ending in 2014 or early 2015.

The OMA, Ontario’s museums, funders and partners can use the 2014 Profile to inform decision-making, planning and advocacy. The OMA also plans to revisit the profile in subsequent years, for regular updates. As such, the Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile will serve as the foundation for building a comprehensive sector-wide profile that demonstrates the ongoing impact of Ontario’s museums; enhances public accountability; and supports the creation of rich museum experiences benefitting the public.

How will you make Ontario’s Museums 2025 your reality? How will you use Ontario’s Museum 2014 Profile in your work? 

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Looking Ahead Task Force

Cathy Molloy, Task Force Chair, Markham Museum

Yves Théoret, Past Task Force Chair, National Gallery of Canada (to August 2015)

Karen Bachmann, Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre

Carolyn Bell Farrell, MacLaren Art Centre

Marty Brent, Peel Art Gallery, Museums, and Archives

Diane Imrie, Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame … see video

Ian Kerr-Wilson, Heritage Resource Management, City of Hamilton

Guy Labine, Science North

Xerxes Mazda & Janet Carding, Royal Ontario Museum (to September 2015)

Bill Poole, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery… see video

Michael Rikley-Lancaster, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum … see video

Paul Robertson, City of Kingston

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