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One of the initaitives of the museumsuccession Project was the creation of the Emerging Museum Professionals Advisory Committee. This committee was created in 2013 with a dynamic group of six individuals from across the province who established networks and connections in the community to help the OMA better serve the EMP community. During the three years of the museumsuccession project, the EMP Advisory Committee organized the following activities and initaitives:

In 2016 as the museumsuccession project wrapped up, the EMP Advisory Committee undertook a community consultation process to decide what form it should take in the future. As a result of the excellent feedback of the EMP community, the EMP Advisory Committee was relaunched as the Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals (GOEMP). Now independent of the OMA, the committee has increased its numbers and is planning for an exciting future. The OMA looks forward to working with GOEMP as it grows and develops!

A big thank you to all of the members of the EMP Advisory Committee 2013-2016:

Emily Beliveau
Jenn Nelson
Laura Gibbs
Ben Macintosh
Braden Murray
Pailagi Pandya
Lisa Terech
Amanda Girgis
Angela Olano

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