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These resources have been gathered as part of the museumsuccession project, which aims to strengthen Ontario’s museum sector through initiatives that support organizational capacity building. Developed with support from the museumsuccession Project Advisory Committee, these resources aim to meet the needs identified by members and governance workshop participants. 

This list will continue to be updated, and we encourage any feedback on content.

Find more resources at the CMOG Standards Resources page.


Board Basics:

Understanding the difference between not-for-profit and charity status, the lifecycle of a board, and defining governance.

Understanding and structuring your organization


Board Development:

Resources on good practice in developing your board of directors, including recruitment, orientation, evaluation and succession planning.






Board Requirements and Risk Management:

This section outlines how to establish by-laws, roles and responsibilities of the board, managing risks, and Board and Director’s Liability Insurance.

 Board By-Laws

Roles and Responsibilities

Ethics and code of conduct

Risk Management, Liabilities, and Insurance


Board Policies, Planning and Practice

This section provides example policies and some essentials for running effective meetings and other good governance practice.

Effective Board Practice

 Strategic Planning

Vision and Mission Statements

Sample Policy



Conflict of Interest:



Board Regulation and Legislation

Information on changing Federal and Provincial Legislation for not-for-profit corporations in Canada and Ontario.

 Legislative Updates

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