eNews alert: Ontario Museums 2025 - Take Part

Jan 19, 2016

Working together we've come up with a plan. Does it work for your career, your museum, and your community? Let us know.

We’ve done our work. We’ve come up with a plan. Now we need you to tell us if it works for you.
Take the one hour involved to participate in an online discussion and let us know. These free sessions will help set priorities for actions to be undertaken in the next 10 years – by museums and by the Ontario Museum Association!

Participants will hear from representatives from the Looking Ahead Task Force and OMA Council on the importance of the preliminary report, Ontario’s Museums 2025.

Both the Task Force member and the Council member will act as co-facilitators for the discussion, the focus of which will be a prioritization activity for actions. As a group, participants will agree on actions and their related roles and responsibilities for the next 10 years. The results of these discussions will be critical in informing the final actions and content appearing in Ontario’s Museums 2025.

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