ONmuseums: $2 million for CMOG Museums' Digital Capacity

Mar 11, 2021
Need to Know
Minister MacLeod announces $2 million funding for CMOG museums' digital capacity

This morning, the Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries announced $2million to support digital capacity of 166 CMOG-recipient museums in a Zoom call. Museums are expected to receive grants by March 31, 2021. 

Hear more from Minister MacLeod in tomorrow's tele-townhall. Register HERE.

The OMA will continue to work with the MHSTCI to support all Ontario museums serving their communities.
    OMA Responds to MHSTCI White Paper
    Reconnecting Ontarians: Re-Emerging as a Global Leader

    With the assistance of OMA members and the approval of OMA Council, the OMA has provided feedback to the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries' White Paper Reconnecting Ontarians: Re-Emerging as a Global Leader. The OMA's response to MHSTCI expresses how, with effective support, museums can be a key asset for the province during the period of recovery and 'hyperlocal' tourism. 

    Read Ontario Museum Association Response: Including museums in MHSTCI strategies HERE.

    The OMA's feedback to MHSTCI also addresses each of the Ministry's 15 Action Items, and how museums can play a key role in achieving the outlined goals of the plan. 

    As the province looks to build and support hyperlocal tourism, offer tourism trails, and develop a globally competitive, year-round set of tourism products, museums’ expertise and role as tourism infrastructure are key assets. Museums are experts in creating authentic, unique experiences in their local areas through connections to historic collections and stories, to community partners, and to the distinctive qualities of the places around them. Supporting and empowering these existing tourism assets is essential to achieving the Ministry’s goals.

    The OMA carried out substantial research on the state of the Ontario museum sector, including successful funding models, and stands ready to work in partnership with MHSTCI to strengthen museums’ contribution towards economic development & tourism, employment, education, and community engagement. 

    Read Ontario Museum Association Response: Including museums in MHSTCI strategies HERE.
    Sudbury Council votes to retain curator position at City museums

    Proposed budget cuts to the City of Greater Sudbury Museums, and the elimination of a curator position, prompted recent sectoral action. The Ontario Museum Association, the Ontario Historical Society (OHS) and the Group of Ontario Emerging Museum Professionals (GOEMP) all spoke out about the value of museums and curatorial positions for communities. 

    It was announced last week that the City Council voted to reinstate the funding for the curator position. 

    Read the OMA's Letter to Sudbury's Mayor and Councillors HERE
    Media Coverage

    From Sudbury.com

    "One of the proposed savings in the [City's] draft budget was to cut the curator position from the city's four museums at a savings of $156,023.

    Ward 2 Coun. Michael Vagnini tabled a motion to reinstate the money into the budget through one-time funding from the tax rate stabilization reserve, and to have staff return with a report to council by the third quarter of 2021 outlining the future of museum services and alternatives for council's consideration.

    "It draws the people not only from their heritage, but also to their families," said Vagnini. 

    "To see the size of the events that go on (at the museums) at a minimal cost because there are more volunteer hours that go into this, but we need the direction of the curator to keep it in a position going forward that's going to make it effective for the whole city."

    Read more HERE.
    Advocate for Ontario Museums!
    As the Sudbury situation reminds us, ongoing and collective advocacy can make a difference. At the OMA, we advocate on behalf of Ontario's museum sector so that our community museums receive the support they need to strengthen their contributions towards economic development & tourism, employment, education, and community engagement. This work needs to be amplified by our members' own efforts in reaching out to their MPPs and other elected officials, and engaging their communities. 

    Exhibiting Resilience: Empowering Ontario's community museums for strategic recovery offers an overview of the challenges and opportunities facing Ontario's museums, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past year, the OMA has consistently made three recommendations to the Government of Ontario: 
    1. An Ontario Museum Relief Fund, valued at $8.5million, in response to the impacts of COVID-19
    2. A Digital Response Fund, valued at $10million over three years
    3. A Renewed Museum Funding Model, including an increase of sustainable, annual operating support for community museums* to $15million per year 
    Call to Action

    Members can engage their local MPP by sending the OMA's Exhibiting Resilience:
    Provincial News
    One Year of COVID-19: Minister MacLeod to host Multi-Sector Virtual Tele-Townhall
    March 12, 2021 - 2:30 PM
    Join Lisa MacLeod, Ontario’s Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries for a conference call to discuss the government’s response to COVID-19.
    This special tele-townhall meeting will share details on new funding for Ontario sectors, and additional plans to recover, restore, and re-emerge as a global leader in all of Ontario's sectors. 
    To register, click HERE.
    Ontario to Release 2021 Budget on March 24
    The Government of Ontario will release the 2021 Ontario Budget on March 24, 2021. The Budget will support the province's comprehensive vaccine distribution plan, along with providing additional resources for the health care sector and initiatives to protect the economic well-being of families, workers and employers. 
    Read the news release HERE.
    Ontarians Feel Safer about Tourism
     Research Report: February 23, 2021 

    In a research report on consumer sentiment published by Destination Ontario, Ontarians are reporting higher confidence in tourism as both a visitor and a host community:
    • Ontarians perception of travel safety increased towards all domestic destinations over the last month, 71% of Ontarians feel safe when thinking about travelling to nearby communities
    • Ontario’s overall sentiment towards visitors from other parts of the province improved over the last month 
    • "Ontario’s overall receptivity of promoting nearby communities as a travel destination increased to be net positive of +12; therefore, timely and relevant hyperlocal travel will be well received"
    Read the full Executive Summary from Destination Ontario HERE.
    Ontario Establishes
    Tourism Economic Recovery Task Force

    The Ontario government announced the new Tourism Economic Recovery Ministerial Task Force. It will be chaired by former MPP and Cabinet minister Tim Hudak, and give expert advice and recommendations on how to help the province's $36-billion tourism industry recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The mandate of the voluntary task force includes providing strategies and advice that will help position Ontario and its local communities as destinations of choice for travel, as well as identifying products and experiences that enhance destination development. It will also offer a forum for sector partners and leaders to share ideas, collaborate, and provide advice and information to the minister on approaches to support the economic recovery of Ontario's tourism industry. The tourism sector supports more than 400,000 jobs provincewide.

    Read the news release HERE.

    The OMA will work with MHSTCI to ensure Ontario museum sector representation on the Task Force. 
    Funding Opportunities
    Deadlines for 2021
    OMA Initiatives
    OMA and PKNMN meet with MPP David Piccini
    On February 19th, representatives from the Peterborough--Kawartha Lakes--Northumberland Museum Network (PKNMN) and the OMA met with MPP David Piccini (Northumberland--Peterborough South) to discuss the impacts of the pandemic and OMA recommendations for support to help museums fully participate in the province's recovery. Museum representatives spoke to their museums' challenges and potential. MPP Piccini shared actions that the Ontario government has taken to support communities across the province. 

    The OMA brought together a wide variety of perspectives, including representatives of CMOG and non-CMOG recipient museums and education partners to make the most of the meeting with MPP Piccini in his roles as their local MPP, Member of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Colleges and Universities. 

    Meet with your MPP

    If your museum or Regional Museum Network are interested in an MPP meeting, the OMA will work with you! We encourage you to please reach out to community@museumsontario.ca.
    CMOG Applications for June 2021
    The OMA is looking ahead to the Community Museum Operating Grant (CMOG) applications that are anticipated to be completed in June of 2021, with recipient museums reporting on the year 2020. 

    The OMA looks forward to working with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries to ensure that the application is straightforward. Part of this process may include clarifying the metrics that will be assessed for funding and any metrics and data collection that will help all parties to understand the impacts of the pandemic. 

    Museums that are experiencing challenges in completing CMOG reporting for the March 31, 2021 deadline are encouraged to contact their Museum & Heritage Programs Advisor at elka.weinstein@ontario.ca
    May is Museum Month 2021

    Since 2000, the OMA has led a campaign for May is Museum Month/ Mai, Mois des Musées. The International Council of Museums (ICOM) has declared the theme for International Museum Day 2021 (May 18th) to be "The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine." 

    In 2021, public awareness of the safe, quality experiences that museums can offer is especially important. For MMM 2021, the OMA encourages museums to use social media and digital tools to share the offers they have for their communities and hyperlocal tourists. 

    May is Museum Month is an opportunity to showcase the excellent work of museums and engage your supporters! You can download a MMM logo, and plan your upcoming communications: 
    To support your Twitter activity: 
    • Watch the recording of our "Twitter 101" webinar with Laura Pearce, Head of Marketing, Twitter Canada HERE
    • Sign up for "Twitter 201" (Tues. March 16 at 10amHERE.
    Look for a social media kit in early April!
    Mashkawatgong-mamawewiziwin –
    Strengthening our bonds, Sharing our practices

    March 25-26, 2021
    Symposium sessions and discussions 9am-4pm
    Indigenous Collections Symposium 2021
    Session Highlight: Narrative Research and Implementing Traditional Care Practices

    Friday, March 26
    9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

    Dr. Emily Burton, Oral Historian, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

    Narrative Research begins with a big-picture view of oral history collecting. It then highlights key elements to think about before planning an oral history project, including outreach, legal and ethical consent, equipment, and interview questions and techniques. The presentation also examines preserving, managing, and using an oral history collection. Topics include databases, tools for interview analysis, and preservation issues. Concepts of “informed consent” and “sharing authority” in oral history will be discussed as key aspects of oral history research, and examples of collaborative research initiatives will be highlighted.

    John Moses, Manager, Objects, Paper and Archaeology, Canadian Conservation Institute
    Based on thirty years’ experience working with national collections as an artifact conservator, Indigenous history researcher, policy analyst, and repatriation supervisor, John Moses (Delaware & Upper Mohawk bands, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory) describes pathways to decolonize, Indigenize and unsettle Canadian museums, heritage, and conservation. He defines his terms and offers practical suggestions for enabling Indigenous access, engagement and consultation.
    Click Here to see the Program and Register!
    Session Highlight: Access, engagement and Knowledge: Community Collaborations
    Friday, March 26
    1:15 PM - 02:30 PM

    Presented by the Canadian Museum of History

    This panel highlights collaborative projects from across the museum sector and provides examples of community access to cultural material, conducting collaborative research, and incorporating Indigenous perspectives into the documentation and care of collections. Building on a decades-long history of collaboration and repatriation work, these projects exemplify the goals of the Museum’s Framework for Indigenous Relations which is focussed on redefining the Museum’s commitment to Indigenous peoples across Canada.
    Click Here to see the Program and Register!
    Twitter Webinar
    Presenter: Laura Pearce, Head of Marketing, Twitter Canada

    Enjoyed Twitter 101? Check out Twitter 201 on Tuesday, March 16! As part of the OMA’s ongoing work to support the digitalization of our sector, we have partnered with Twitter Canada to offer two webinars about how to start strong on Twitter and how to build engagement – planning and analyzing performance, strategically and sustainably. Sharpen your Twitter skills and get ready for May is Museum Month 2021 and the summer season beyond!

    Twitter 201
    Tuesday, March 16 at 10am EST

    Join Laura for a second webinar on how to take your engagement on Twitter to the next level, driving engagement and reach. Learn how to create Twitter Moments to highlight your best content, dive into analytics and how to measure your impact on Twitter as well as the basics of Twitter campaigns.  
    Register for Twitter 201
    Out-of-Province News
    AMA March 50th Anniversary Conference 
    March 18

    Join the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) on March 18 for the kick-off event in the 50th Anniversary Conference Series.

    With tangible lessons for museums of all sizes, subjects, and locations, AMA's March Event has a special focus on experiences of the pandemic and building museums as inclusive spaces as we look toward reopening.

    Delegates will be able to view session recordings from the Conference Event Hub after the event.

    For more information and to register, click HERE.
    Qaumajuq Inuit art centre opening this month at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

    In Winnipeg, 2,000 kilometres from Iqaluit, Canada is building a monument to Inuit culture: Qaumajuq, the new Inuit art centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, opens to the public March 27.

    It will house the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world, with examples from all four regions of Inuit Nunangat – the Inuit homeland in Canada – as well as work from other circumpolar territories; the planning has involved Inuit curators, artists and elders from the start. 

    To read more, click HERE.
    Why we need museums now more than ever
    Rebecca Carlsson from MuseumNext has listed five reasons why we need museums now more than ever.

    "In today’s uncertain times, museums can act as an anchor in the storm. It can often seem that such institutions [Museums ]are merely places where forgotten objects go to enjoy their final years.

    But despite this, there’s a strong case to be made that the museum is more relevant today than it has ever been. From addressing key social issues to transforming how we see the future, the humble museum has the power to reflect and shape our society."

    To read more, click HERE.
    Upcoming OMA Dates

    March 16: Laura Pearce, Head of Marketing for Twitter Canada hosts Twitter 201! Register HERE.

    March 25, 26: Indigenous Collections Symposium 2021, Mashkawatgong-mamawewiziwin – Strengthening our bonds, Sharing our practices. Register HERE.
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    Read more HERE.
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