ONmuseums: Advocacy Edition- Get ready for Oct. 22!

Oct 11, 2018

Your monthly source for museum advocacy from the Ontario Museum Association.

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Need to Know
Municipal Elections Toolkit
Municipalities are one of the most important funders of the museum sector in Ontario. For the 94% of museums in Ontario with annual revenue under $2 million, municipalities contribute 50% of total funding. 
(Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile)

For the Municipal elections on October 22nd, the OMA has prepared a Municipal Elections Toolkit as a resource for museums and museum professionals. 

Access the Municipal Elections Toolkit HERE.

Check your municipal election registration status HERE.

Two OMA documents that will help you be informed for the coming election are: 
Engage with all Candidates

As part of advocating during municipal election campaigns, here are some questions you can ask all of the candidates in your area: 
  • How would you support the contribution of museums in our community?
  • Do you support museum funding?
  • How could museums work with your government to create opportunities and benefits for your constituents?
  • Do you believe museums have value? How has a museum positively impacted your life?

Tips for engaging with all candidates on social media are HERE.

For any questions regarding the content of the Municipal Elections Toolkit, reach out to the OMA through Executive Director Marie Lalonde at mlalonde@museumsontario.ca or Christopher Shackleton at community@museumsontario.ca

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