ONmuseums: Professional Development Opportunties

Jul 19, 2018

Your monthly source for professional development from the Ontario Museum Association.

Study Tours
Study tour: Home Improvements
Home Improvements
Restoring and Interpreting Historic Sites: a Canadian Perspective

Todmorden Mills
Discuss the pros and cons of a single interpretative period, lessons learnt from restoration projects, tour the 1940s Cottage and 1890s Helliwell House and more!  

Montgomery's Inn
Learn more about the curatorial research and decisions that informed the representation process at Montgomery's Inn, including a desire to allow visitors more opportunity to interact with the past and explore narratives that highlight the prominence of Montgomery’s wife and employees. Visit the Inn and Farmers Market. 

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Study Tour: Sharing Spaces, Ideas, Succes
Sharing-Spaces, Ideas, Success

Black Creek Pioneer Village
Tour the site, discuss how multiple businesses share common spaces, play an abbreviated version of the escape game, "Where Dark Things Dwell", and sample beer from Pioneer Breweries Ltd!  

Archives of Ontario: Collaborative Workshop
Join Emilio Genovese, Exhibitions and Graphic Designer at the Royal Ontario Museum to tackle an exhibit-related issue using the principles of design thinking.  Explore diversity in thinking at the table and staff ownership on projects, foster innovation and creativity for problem solving. 

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