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Apr 11, 2019
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CMOG Strategic Planning

The OMA shared the following concerns with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport (MTCS) on behalf of members regarding the requirement for strategic plans to be included in 2019applications to the Community Museum Operating Grant (CMOG) Program: 
  • Notice of the requirement was given two months before the application deadline and is a duplication of the 2018 requirements 
  • The requirement places unnecessary burdens on the financial and time resources of museums, as the period before the deadline is too short for museums to carry out a successful strategic planning which requires appropriate community consultation and participation
  • The deadline for the application is two months away and this period of time is already very busy for museums getting ready for the busy summer season, launching programs, recruiting and training summer staff, etc. 
  • The requirement does not align with as municipal systems, structure and planning cycles
The OMA recommended a 2-3 year phased-in approach to ensure that museums can demonstrate best practices and fully address the requirement for a longer term strategic plan. 

Currently we understand that museums that do not have strategic plans or are in the process of updating their plans will be asked to: 
  • confirm that they have started the process of preparing a new strategic plan, or are in the process of updating their existing plan
  • provide an estimate of when they expect to complete their plans or updates 
The OMA will continue to consult with members and MTCS regarding these requirements. If you have any additional feedback, questions, or concerns, please contact Marie Lalonde, Executive Director, at mlalonde@museumsontario.ca, or at 1 866 662 8672 (toll free). 

The MTCS CMOG Governance Standard currently states: 

"5. The museum's operations and activities must be:

  1. directed by short and long-term written plans (e.g. business plan, strategic plan, visioning plan or master plan) that are:
  2. approved by the governing body
  3. contain goals and objectives relevant to the museum's statement of purpose"
OMA Strategic Planning Resources Include:

Engaging Your Community: A Toolkit for Museums
This OMA toolkit outlines a process through which individual museums can work with the community to assess their relevance and create a plan to deepen their relationship with the community, in turn increasing the sustainability of the museum.

OMA Resources for Governance: 
OMA Commercial Members Who Provide Strategic Planning Services
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