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May 09, 2019
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May is Museum Month Logo with Queen's Park
May is Museum Month / May, Mois des Musées at Queen's Park

On May 2nd, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Michael Tibollo, NDP Culture Critic MPP Jill Andrew, and MPP Mitzie Hunter spoke in the Ontario Legislature about May is Museum Month and the contributions of Ontario Museums. 
Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Michael Tibollo
Statement by Minister Michael Tibollo

"More creative and interactive than ever before, Ontario museums, galleries and heritage sites are attracting almost 10 million residents and tourists, students and educators in person, and over 30 million online visits each year. They have accomplished this by striving to be more interactive, audience-focused, community-oriented, flexible, adaptable and mobile." 

"Mr. Speaker, our museums are improving the quality of life for all Ontarians. They safeguard our heritage, enhance the education and growth of our young people, promote lifelong learning and strengthen our innovative economy."

Read Minister Tibollo's full statement HERE
MPP Jill Andrew
Response from MPP Jill Andrew, NDP Culture Critic

"Museums do more than provide objects and exhibits to view. They help create a sense of place and contribute to vibrant and vital communities. They’re interactive, audience-focused, accessible spaces of creativity and cultural exchange. They spark awe and wonder. They engage and educate. They powerfully shape narratives of history. They make connections and respond to current social and political issues in the world, promoting dialogue and provoking debate. They enhance feelings of belonging, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together."

"Many of the challenges that the museum sector faces are related to having sustainable, continued sources of funding."

Read MPP Andrew's full statement HERE (scroll down to end of Minister Tibollo's Statement)
MPP Mitzie Hunter
Response from MPP Mitzie Hunter

"May Is Museum Month across the province of Ontario and the city of Toronto. Ontario is home to over 700 museums, galleries and heritage sites. Museum Month is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of museums to their communities and to kick off the summer tourism season."

Read MPP Hunter's full statement HERE (scroll down to end of MPP Andrew's Statement)
Provincial News
Funding Cuts to Regional Tourism Organizations

From The National Post, May 7, Ontario cuts tourism funding, eliminates money to Toronto and Ottawa,

  • "Tourism Toronto said the government told them that their $9.5 million in provincial funding is being cut entirely."
  • "Ottawa Tourism's $3.4 million of provincial funding is being cut."
  • "Tourism Northern Ontario will see a cut of nearly $1 million from last year's funding of $4.9 million."
  • "Last year's total funding across the province was $36.6 million."
  • Read the full article HERE

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