Augmented and Virtual Reality



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Augmented and Virtual Reality



Wil McReynolds (Director, Augmented Marketing), CJ Palumbi (Director of Sales and Marketing, Augmented Marketing) and Petal Furness (Manager, Museum & Archives, Grey Roots Museum and Archives)


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Before the digital media era, people relied on traditional media and social interaction as their main source of information and communication. If a person wanted to be entertained they would read the paper, flip open a magazine, turn the TV on or go out to interact with a real person. Since widespread digital access, people are growing up with everything they need to know at their fingertips. True social interaction and entertainment can now be achieved through a computer, tablet or mobile device. As professionals with 10 years of experience in this industry we will illustrate how Augmented Reality technology will bridge the gap between the pre and post digital media eras. Petal Furness will join the discussion to report on Augmented Reality as a project currently underway at Grey Roots Museum and Archives.


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Presenter Biographies:


Wil McReynolds Director (Augmented Marketing)

Wil has over 12 years of experience in operating and owning a printing/sign company and working for an advertising agency where he helped build numerous communication solutions.    He specializes in web, video, graphic production that range from 3D Modeling to 2D imaging. This allows him, as a design professional, to be diverse with his visual effects, to be ready for pre-press print production for brochures or any other kind of digital medium.


CJ Palumbi Director of Sales and Marketing (Augmented Marketing)

Mr. Palumbi learned by doing. Spending countless hours over the last 20 years immersing himself in the trenches of marketing, Mr. Palumbi has a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience in advertising, media, technology and the world of entertainment. With Mr. Palumbi’s extensive marketing background he is one of the assets in driving Augmented Marketing to be a cutting edge leader in scripting, programming, animations and 3D designs, specifically for the realm of Augmented Reality.


Petal Furness Manager, Museum & Archives (Grey Roots Museum and Archives)

Petal Furness leads the Heritage Interpretation department at Grey Roots Museum & Archives. This team is responsible for exhibits, special events, education programs and the interpretation of Moreston Village - a living history site. Prior to joining Grey Roots, Petal held the position of Executive Director, Ontario Native Literacy Coalition. A Heritage Interpretation professional for over two decades, she held several positions with Parks Canada including Historic Site Interpretation Specialist, Service Planner and Aboriginal Liaison. Born and raised in Vancouver, Petal is a proud Secwepemc (Shuswap) woman. She is also a professional photographer, an active volunteer in her community, and an advocate for green living. Petal’s greatest joy is her ever expanding family.