Reich+Petch is a boutique design consultancy with over 25 years of experience. We believe that design is a language of communication and we are motivated to participate in a dialogue of ideas through design. We are based in Toronto and Washington, and work all over the world with museums, institutions, cultural organizations, and destination attractions. We have built a reputation as design leaders and innovators, with meticulous process and diligent documentation, and our ability to deliver remarkable and robust projects. Reich+Petch leads in design and we deliver through our process. This might sound quite simple, but it requires creativity, collaboration, and careful attention through all stages of the work, to deliver projects that express big ideas through innovative design. It requires an expert team to carefully manage a project though the complex process from the idea, through all the practical and logistical constraints of getting it built, to its opening. Reich+Petch is a design collaborative that includes exhibit designers, interior designers, graphic designers, and industrial designers as well as architects, technologists, facility planners, and project managers. We have worked in over 20 countries and our designs have appeared in numerous publications and won many awards. Reich+Petch have created signature projects that have come to define the clients we work for.
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