McDougall Cottage Historic Site

McDougall Cottage Historic Site (ca.1858) is a labourer’s dwelling house, built in a distinctively decorative pattern of hewn granite and limestone blocks. The Cottage is located in downtown Cambridge (Galt), in the historic factory district now known as the Gaslight District. Home for more than a century to two families of hardworking Scots - the McDougalls and the Bairds, this charming ‘Ontario Cottage’ with its pocket-sized gardens, boasts the most remarkable trompe l'oeil ceiling and frieze paintings that Ontario has to offer. Its backyard abuts a walking trail along the majestic Grand River, leading to a newly installed Foot Bridge that extends to the opposite riverbank on Water Street and access to downtown Cambridge.

McDougall Cottage offers house and specialized tours (e.g., Ghost Walks), changing exhibits that feature local Cambridge arts, culture and heritage, as well as numerous programs, talks, and special events throughout the year. It is well-known for its Musician-In-Residence program, showcasing area musicians and their uniquely creative styles of musical entertainment. So, too, is it known for its annual artists’ “Paint the Grand” event and exhibit fundraiser.


Type: Historic Building | Public Gallery

McDougall Cottage Historic Site, 1858

McDougall Cottage Historic Site, 1858

Hand-painted ceiling and frieze, 1906-1907 by Jack Baird The single-storey cottage at 89 Grand Avenue South, located in a heritage conservation...