Policies & Standards 

Museum Notes Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport N/A All
Governance Policy Simcoe County Museum, County of Simcoe N/A All
Privacy Policy Imagine Canada N/A All
Impacts on Governance Design for Nonprofit Organizations Ontario Nonprofit Network 2021 All
How PIPEDA Applies to Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada 2019 All

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Loi sur les conflits d’intérêts municipaux

Ontario Government 2018 All
Governance Standards Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport 2017 All
Board Governance Policy Royal Ontario Museum 2016 Members
Vision, Mission, and Strategic Objectives Royal Ontario Museum 2016 Members
Board and Governance: Creative Trust Open Source Toolkit Creative Trust 2013 All
Sample Governance Schedule Ontario Museum Association 2013 Members
Complaints Policy Legal Aid Ontario 2012 All
How to Create an Effective Non-Profit Mission Statement  Francis Pandolfi, Harvard Business Review 2011 All

Governing Documents: Minutes (EN)

Documents constitutifs : Procès-verbaux (FR) 

Charity Central 2010 All
A Sustainable Development Guide for Canada's Museums Canadian Museums Association 2009 All
The Importance of Vision, Mission and Values Beth Deazeley, Imagine Canada 2009 All
Governance Policy  Owen Sound Museums 2008 All
Conflict of Interest Policy  Alberta Museums Association 2006 All
Governance Policy Hamilton Civic Museums, City of Hamilton 2004 All
Conflict of Interest Policy Creative Trust 2003 All
Memoranda of Understanding and Formal Agreements Royal Ontario Museum  2002 All
Tips for Boards- Policy Development Carrie Brooks-Joiner, Sarah Stacy 2000 Members


Regulation & Legislation 

What is the Difference Between a Registered Charity and a Non-Profit Organization? Canadian Revenue Agency  2016 All
Get Ready for the ONCA Resource Directory Community Legal Education Ontario 2014 All


Board Development 

Governance Diversity Tools  OnBoard Canada N/A All
20 Questions Not-for-profit Organizations Should Ask: Recruiting, Developing, Assessing and Renewing Directors  Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada 2019 All
Creating a Board Member’s Manual  Governing Good, Grand MacDonald 2016 All
Board Self-Evaluation Questionnaire Governing Good, Grant MacDonald 2016 All
The Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership Deloitte 2016 All
DiverseCity, Diversity in Governance: A Toolkit for Non-Profit Boards Maytree 2011 All
Board Recruitment: Part 1 & Part 2  Beth Deazeley, Imagine Canada 2010 All
Succession Planning for the Board Beth Deazeley, Imagine Canada 2010 All
Director Non-Performance Beth Deazeley, Imagine Canada 2010 All
Overcoming the Fear of Board Assessments Beth Deazeley, Imagine Canada 2010 All
Effective Director Orientation Beth Deazeley, Imagine Canada 2009 All
Example Board Orientation Package Creative Trust 2007 All
Tools for Non-Profit Leaders: Succession Planning In the Not-for-profit World Charity Village 2006 All


Responsibilities & Risk Management 

Governance: The Role, Responsibilities and Structure of Museum Boards of Directors and Their Committees Nancy Hushion N/A Members
Canadian Museums Association Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance Canadian Museums Association N/A All
Not-for-profit Corporations Act: Draft Organizational By-law Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services, Provincial Resource N/A All
Example Roles and Responsibilities of Board and Staff  Creative Trust N/A  All
Oversight of Risk by the Board Beth Deazeley, Imagine Canada N/A All
ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums International Council of Museums 2017 All
Roles and Responsibilities of Boards Carrie Brooks Joiner, Carrie Brooks-Joiner & Associates 2013 All
Not-for-profit Corportation By-laws  Government of Canada 2013 All
Board Liability and Non-Profit Organizations Centre for Community Organizations 2012 All
Governance Q&A: Executive Director Succession Planning  Jane Garthson, Charity Village 2009 All
Ethics Guidelines Canadian Museum Association 2006 All
Guidelines: Roles and Responsibilities of Museum Boards of Trustees   Canadian Museum Association 2004 All
Report on Amalgamation Issues- Findings and Recommendations Town of Norfolk Heritage and Culture 2000 All

Strategic Planning 

Standard A2 - Strategic Plan Imagine Canada Standards Reference Guide N/A All
2 Minute Answer Guide for Non-Profits -Strategic Planning  Center for Nonprofit Management N/A All
Mission and Vision Statements Jon Linton, TCI Management Consultants 2013 All
Strategic Planning Jon Linton, TCI Management Consultants 2013 All
The Balanced Scorecard: From Strategic Plan to Effective Execution Charity Village, John Paul de Silva 2012 All
Thriving on the Edge of Chaos Dr. Candace Tangorra Matelic 2009 Members
20 Questions Directors of Not-for-profit Organizations Should Ask about Strategy and Planning  Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants 2008 All
Best Practices in Strategic Planning  Charity Village, Ron Robinson 2003 All
Seven Sins of Strategic Planning Charity Village, Ron Robinson 2002 All
Strategic Planning - Planning for Organizational Success Margaret L. May 2000 Members
Producing a Forward Plan: MGC Guidelines for Good Practice  Museums & Galleries Commission, Stuart Davies 1996 All

Videos/Webinar Recordings

Mission and Vision Statements
Jon Linton, TCI Management Consultants
Webinar slides [PDF]

Strategic Planning
Jon Linton, TCI Management Consultants
Webinar slides [PDF] 

Roles and Responsibilities of Boards
Carrie Brooks Joiner, Carrie Brooks-Joiner & Associates
Webinar slides [PDF] 


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