Exhibition Supplies & Services

Profile: Audio Video Design supplies, installs audio/video products. We offer a personalized service that will meet all your needs. We have been engaged in various museum projects with such organizations as the Royal Ontario Museum, Fort York, Canadian Science and Technology Museum and others. The ever changing technology that is happening at a fast pace, requires a provider that can keep the industry...

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Profile: Exhibit experiences should be visceral, intelligent and, above all, unforgettable. At Blue Rhino Design, we create interactive exhibits and spaces that communicate through experience. We design to encourage conversations. We make the complex accessible by building the visitor into the exhibit.

Tel: 647.228.9883

Profile: At cadabra, we believe every story deserves to be shared, and every audience to be captivated. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of collaboration to bring your stories to life, forging new connections and communities one chapter at a time. From the beginning, passionate creative energy will join forces with industry-leading technology. Fuelled by this mix, the brilliant richness of your content...

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Website: cadabra.one

Profile: Modular walls for Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions. Modular by Design, the ideal wall is flexible for any configuration and expandable at any time. Economical by mean of quick installation and dismantling, sustainable and extremely stable. Changeable and paintable surfaces turn the wall into a long term product. Timeless and pure in design.

Tel: 514.683.7230